Oregon and Washington’s Only Triple Diminished Value Settlement Reports
After an accident, your vehicle loses value. This lost value is called diminished value or DV. Recoverable amounts can range from $1,000 to $30,000 or more. Auto Claims Services is the only diminished value assessment company that can provide Triple Diminished Value Reports, which account for all 3 types of diminished values your vehicle may have incurred. All 2nd tier reports include documentation and a certification letter.

  1. Inherent Diminished Value
    This is simply the idea that people will pay less for your car due to the fact that it has been damaged, no matter how good the repair.

  2. Insurance Related Diminished Value
    Insurance Related Diminished Value is the remaining money owed to you by your insurance company if they did not authorize all the necessary repairs. Your claim has a market value. If you used a body shop recommended by your insurance company, you received less than that market value. What your insurance didn’t pay for is owed to you. Typically this amount is 20% to 60% above what the insurance company paid.

  3. Body Shop Related Diminished Value
    Surveys have concluded that 90% of structurally damaged vehicles repaired under discount insurance company repair prgrams are shoddy and unsafe. The shop owes you the amount to re-repair your vehicle to pre-loss condition.

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